Events Change Relationships

Relationships do not just involve two people, and they include events and people around the couple. These can affect how the couple interacts with each other, and they can often make or break a relationship. If one partner has been subjected to a horrific event, they might drift away from a partner who cannot understand how deeply the trauma is embedded. Another couple may break up because of interference from family or friends. No matter the cause, the couple cannot retain their relationship in the face of overwhelming outside forces.

It may take years for a person to get past a horrific event and move on in life. They might have lost the relationship they had at the time, and reconnecting seems impossible. Their former partner has often moved on and found another intimate relationship. This person is generally unwilling to reconnect, but they might want to meet and tie up loose ends. If neither former partner is currently in a relationship, the couple might have a good chance to reconstruct their former life together.

Family and friends are a large influence in any person's life, and they generally have an unofficial say in personal relationships. If a sibling or parent did not like a significant other, it places a great deal of stress on the relationship. This may cause the two people to choose to part ways rather than live with anger and resentment. The person who failed to stand up for their former partner may have learned their family member is too controlling, and this may cause them to find the person they gave up years ago. Reconnecting with a former love in this scenario is not always easy, and trust will be a significant issue if they two are to reform their relationship.

There are many reasons to end relationships, but not all of them are good ones. Events that occur outside of the relationship can cause it to end when they should have strengthened it. Reconnecting requires forgiveness of each other, and it also requires building a new relationship rather than continuing the old one.