Learning from Love

The majority of people do not form a lifetime commitment with the first person they date, but it does not mean they did not fall in love that first time. Their feelings might have been overwhelming in their strength, but they might have been too young to create a stable relationship. Being able to sustain a partnership with another person requires maturity, and it might have been lacking in both of them. It might have broken their heart when it was over, but learning from love that did not last can help a person realize it is the right time to make a commitment when they are older.

For those who have yet to fall in love, the knowledge of how deeply they can commit might escape them. Their own feelings on the matter will color how they view others, and they might believe no other person can make that type of commitment to them. They could see marriage as nothing more than a legal form for a relationship, and it could give them the idea that it is a trap.

Avoiding marriage due to a lack of love and passion for another person is actually a fairly good idea, but it could be that a person is missing out on the best part of life. Their inability to fall in love could be due to a failure to open their heart to another person, and they could have trust issues. Mature people who have never fallen hopelessly in love with someone often find this is the case when they seek professional help.

Losing a first love is always a painful experience, but it can be helpful as a person matures. That first love will help them know when they have found the person who is truly right for them, and they already know that they can make a commitment they can enjoy for decades more.